The Photographer's Ephemeris®


Quick Start Guide

Welcome to The Photographer's Ephemeris®, a Sun, Moon and Night photography planning tool for outdoor photographers.

Here's a quick guide to getting started with the app. You can find many more articles that cover features in more detail on our Help Center.

What can I use this app for?

TPE is tool for planning natural light and night photography. It is useful in any situation where your planned shot depends on the direction and quality of sunlight or moonlight, or the alignment of the Milky Way and stars. TPE is used by landscape and outdoor photographers around the world. Here are some examples of just some of the things it can help with:

As you become familiar with the app, you'll find many more situations in which TPE can help you plan to get the most from your natural light photography.

Basic Concepts

Here are a few basic concepts to help you get oriented quickly using TPE.

Finding a location

There are a number of ways to quickly find a location:

Finding a time or event

You can jump directly to a particular time or event:

Map types

TPE includes seven different map types.

Learning more

As you get comfortable with the basics of TPE, there's lots more to uncover. Check out our Help Center posts on the following topics:.

Help Center

If you'd like to read more about TPE, please check out the articles in the Help Center, which explain some of the more intermediate and advanced features of the app:

Help Center articles are available in English.

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